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Boxtech Aquarium Marine Test Hydrometer for Fresh Water and Sea Water

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Boxtech Aquarium Marine Test Hydrometer for Fresh Water and Sea Water

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With this hydrometer saltwater aquarium test kit you can test the salinity and specific gravity of your marine aquarium
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Key Features:

1. Safe Material & Unique Design
Made of durable acrylic.
This fish tank test kit salinity hydrometer is designed with an automatic level function

2. Quickly, Easily, and Accurately Measurement
With this hydrometer saltwater aquarium test kit, you can test your marine aquarium's salt level and specific gravity, and it is optimum to be put into below 6" deep water to avoid the error caused by the oil film on the water

3. Higher Accuracy & safe zone indicated
Readings are temperature-corrected & accurate to +/- 0. 001. specific gravity units range from 1. 000 - 1. 030 with a safe zone of 1.020-1.023. The outside range of scale indicates salinity ppt, ranging from 0-40, the safe zone is 27-31

4. Easy to read & clean
The easy-to-read swing-arm pointer and extra-wide stable base provide an accurate test result.
After use, soak this saltwater meter in a mild acid (vinegar) for 30 minutes, rinse with tap water, and air dry.
Do not disassemble

5. Wide Usage
Fit for brackish and reef salt marine aquariums. Perfect for testing both salinity and specific gravity of your brackish and marine tank. Includes salinity and specific gravity scales. Suitable for fresh water and seawater

Package Included:

1 x Aquarium Test Hydrometer

User’s Guide:

1. Slowly place the hydrometer into the water. When testing, make sure the test water level reaches the wave scale.

2. If there are air bubbles stuck on the pointer during the product test or while putting it into the water, use a plastic stick to blow the foam to make the bubble dismiss, to ensure accurate readings.

3. Place the product in the aquarium or on the horizontal line outside the aquarium to accurately obtain the test results.

4. When any salt is on the pointer, the salinity hydrometer will not read correctly. After using the hydrometer, it should be cleaned with tap water, soak in warm water or vinegar for 30 minutes, then air dry in a cool place.

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